HUMP DAWG 2) For National Poetry Month several writers have contributed a favorite poem to Fictionaut: 3) Sara Lippman gives us a dose of her latest Read it Loud at UFR: 4) Back for more poetry (never enough!!!) at Thunderclap, including the BOSS: – comment-1813 5) Erin Fitzgerald mixes it up at The Rumpus: 6) April Flash Fiction Fridays show on Milwaukee’s Lake Effect, theme is Disorientation! Features Carol Wobig, local author of Poached is Not an Option (Kindle), and I read “The Upswing of Falling,” (Metazen), and Kristine Ong Muslim’s “Revenge of the Goldfish.” (The Brooklyner). Thanks, co-host, Stephanie Lecci! Lake Effect: Flash Fiction Friday: Disorientation 7) Joani Reese wins this Prize (with a very long name), but so well-deserved. I mean, read her piece: And you have to get Joani’s insight about her poem, “Midlife,” which Linda Simoni-Wastila blogs here: leftbrainwrite: MIDLIFE: A Poem and Conversation with JP Reese 8) Check out Meg Tuite’s musings about her book and chapbook (both incredible!) at Laura Madeline Wiseman’s blog: 9) Jesse Bradley reviews NAP 2.5 at Beach Sloth: Magazine P.S. I do know a jacking thing about elephants! They are always pregnant! When was the last time you checked, Jesse? I mean, outside of a zoo? Next time our paths cross, we will discuss this over cherry pie.]]>

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  1. Love your website, filled with such great articles and interesting information. I’m grateful my friend turned me on to it!

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