HUMP day Hoopla! 2) No Pulitzer Prize for Fiction? Hmm… And the Winner of the Pulitzer Isn’t – 3) I returned from DIRE Literary Series in Boston with a poetry chapbook “contract” with this fine indie press. More forthcoming, but needless to say, I’m over the moon, giddy beyond belief. Thanks diva, Gloria Mindock! 4) Marc Vincenz’s “Corruption,” at The Potomac: 5) VIDA is honoring Adrienne Rich with 21 Love poems to her. Read them all, but here’s the latest one: – .T40RhJ3a91U.facebook 6) Thunderclap Press continues publishing some excellent poems, including this one, by James Claffey, for NaPoMo: 7) I will be leading a Flash Fiction online course in July/ August for JMWW. There are also three other courses available in various genres: 8) How can you sit down when you listen to this song? Try it and see: 9) The exquisite Blue Five Notebook is available here, congrats Sam and Michelle and writers: 10) This just in: Len Kuntz takes second place in the String-of-10 FOUR Flash Fiction Contest at Flash Fiction Chronicles. Thanks for the link, Gay Degani: 2nd Place String-of-10 FOUR: Story and Interview with the Author Len Kuntz « Flash Fiction Chronicles Please don’t forget you can get Flash Fiction Fridays (9781105460937): Robert Vaughan: Books at AMAZON!!! That’s it for now. I’m having a blast and I hope you are, too! Happy Spring!]]>

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  1. Congrats on the contract! I’m very happy for you and can’t wait to see you on June 23rd in NYC! We will have a grand celebration then. I hope you remember all of the little people in your life when you are famous 🙂

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