HUMP DAWG 2) For National Poetry Month several writers have contributed a favorite poem to Fictionaut: 3) Sara Lippman gives us a dose of her latest Read it Loud at UFR: 4) Back for more poetry (never enough!!!) at Thunderclap, including the BOSS: – comment-1813 5) Erin Fitzgerald mixes it up at The Rumpus: 6) April Flash Fiction Fridays show on Milwaukee’s Lake Effect, theme is Disorientation! Features Carol Wobig, local author of Poached is Not an Option (Kindle), and I read “The Upswing of Falling,” (Metazen), and Kristine Ong Muslim’s “Revenge of the Goldfish.” (The Brooklyner). Thanks, co-host, Stephanie Lecci! Lake Effect: Flash Fiction Friday: Disorientation 7) Joani Reese wins this Prize (with a very long name), but so well-deserved. I mean, read her piece: And you have to get Joani’s insight about her poem, “Midlife,” which Linda Simoni-Wastila blogs here: leftbrainwrite: MIDLIFE: A Poem and Conversation with JP Reese 8) Check out Meg Tuite’s musings about her book and chapbook (both incredible!) at Laura Madeline Wiseman’s blog: 9) Jesse Bradley reviews NAP 2.5 at Beach Sloth: Magazine P.S. I do know a jacking thing about elephants! They are always pregnant! When was the last time you checked, Jesse? I mean, outside of a zoo? Next time our paths cross, we will discuss this over cherry pie.]]>

HUMP day Hoopla! 2) No Pulitzer Prize for Fiction? Hmm… And the Winner of the Pulitzer Isn’t – 3) I returned from DIRE Literary Series in Boston with a poetry chapbook “contract” with this fine indie press. More forthcoming, but needless to say, I’m over the moon, giddy beyond belief. Thanks diva, Gloria Mindock! 4) Marc Vincenz’s “Corruption,” at The Potomac: 5) VIDA is honoring Adrienne Rich with 21 Love poems to her. Read them all, but here’s the latest one: – .T40RhJ3a91U.facebook 6) Thunderclap Press continues publishing some excellent poems, including this one, by James Claffey, for NaPoMo: 7) I will be leading a Flash Fiction online course in July/ August for JMWW. There are also three other courses available in various genres: 8) How can you sit down when you listen to this song? Try it and see: 9) The exquisite Blue Five Notebook is available here, congrats Sam and Michelle and writers: 10) This just in: Len Kuntz takes second place in the String-of-10 FOUR Flash Fiction Contest at Flash Fiction Chronicles. Thanks for the link, Gay Degani: 2nd Place String-of-10 FOUR: Story and Interview with the Author Len Kuntz « Flash Fiction Chronicles Please don’t forget you can get Flash Fiction Fridays (9781105460937): Robert Vaughan: Books at AMAZON!!! That’s it for now. I’m having a blast and I hope you are, too! Happy Spring!]]>

HUMP the BUNNY HOP 2) My poem, “Moonstruck,” is up at Bong is Bard. Thanks editor, Valerie: 3) Thunderclap magic from Amanda Deo for April National Poetry Month: a) b) c) d) e) 4) JMWW online six-week seminars in Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Flash Fiction (with me). Register now! The Flash workshop is not until July/ August: 5) Very few of these left, and such a great price. And, c’mon, it’s Gregory Sherl: 6) Roxane Gay blindsides us once again with things we might already know but are afraid to admit: 7) Enjoy this interview at The Nervous Breakdown: 8) Timothy Gager, my most excellent host at Cambridge’s DIRE Literary Series (an event that quite literally changed my life) has a poem called “Reply to Someone, “U Owe Me a Poem, Boy.” And thanks a ton, Tim! 9) A great article at Slate about Adrienne Rich and her profound legacy: – pagebreak_anchor_2 10) My friends are all a-twitter about the latest news. And I’m not kidding: Last, but certainly not least…Flash Fiction Fridays is available on Amazon! And here is my Amazon author page… if any of you who have purchased or read Flash Fiction Fridays would be so kind to “like” it on the page, or write a review of FFF (anything, even “two thumbs up!” would be so nice!) I would be so very grateful! See you around! Have a great time this week. Make someone’s day by telling them how much they mean to you. Don’t hold back.]]>

Too much to HUMP about! and Thunderclap! Press is also honoring National Poetry Month with a poem per day, so check back daily: 2)  JMWW Spring issue is live: and also Jen Michalski, our editor-in-chief has won an extra-ordinary prize: Congratulations, Jen Michalski! | Black Lawrence Press News 3)    Sara Lippman writes about writing like no other at Stymie: 4) Meg Tuite has three stunning shorts up at Unshod Quills: Also, (yes, she is EVERWHERE!!!) find Meg at Mud Luscious Press, issue 19: 5) Sheldon Lee Compton has a new book looming largely on the horizon…here is your chance to pre-order before mayhem hits: 6) xTx is the Connotation Press interview of the week!!! And, Bill Yarrow is interviewed at PIF magazine: And, MaryAnne Kolton interviews Alice Hoffman at Her Circle: Casting a Spell: An Interview with Alice Hoffman 7) This amazing story is in two parts, “Things,” by Saramago, up at Guernica: 8) **Spoiler alert- adult language!!! This piece at kill-> author, issue 18, from Meghan Lamb, listen to the audio for the superpimpfly version: 9) Leave it to wonderful friend and talented writer Christopher Allen to tip us to M.J. Nicholls’s blog and his “My Month in Books” posts: 10) Josh Denslow packs a wallop in “Everyone Continued to Sing” at Smokelong Quarterly: 12) A provocative insight into this book made into movie, ‘Hunger Games;” Well, that’s a wrap for now. Have a safe and wonderful holiday! I will be reading my work in Boston on Friday night. Timothy Gager is hosting us in his Dire Literary Series. For more information here is the link: I hope to see you there!]]>