Riding the HUMPster Wheel

Riding the Humpster Wheel Ever feel like you are on some treadmill, spinning round and round, same track, re-living some same moment? It happens to me periodically, and especially when I come across articles like these listed in my TOP 10 this week. I hope you enjoy: 1) I used to live in New York City’s East Village, on East 6th Street, across from the side entrance to The Saint. Here is a great article from Bowery Boogie about that landmark building at 105 Second Avenue: http://www.boweryboogie.com/2012/03/live-at-the-fillmore-east-a-history-of-105-2nd-avenue/ 2) Len Kuntz stuns me with his stellar write-up of Flash Fiction Fridays at People You Know By Heart. Thanks, my brother: http://lenkuntz.blogspot.com/ 3) xTx and Roxane Gay bring it at Wigleaf in the same week!!! With “Jonah Questions” and “Apocalypse Story…” http://wigleaf.com/ 4) Here is NAP’s 2.4, read it and weep: http://naplitmag.com/ 5) Have you made a little mash in your life yet? Play with words at rigormort.us: http://www.rigormort.us/ 6) Meg Tuite ushers in the amazing new fiction at Connotation Press. And what a line-up!: http://www.connotationpress.com/fiction 7) What are you waiting for? Get it now, from Alex Pruteanu: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1466244550/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_dp_GJZzpb0A7RDZT Ditto, when Kristine Ong Muslim is in the house: http://www.amazon.com/Bury-Landscape-Kristine-Ong-Muslim/dp/0983907145/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1332167292&sr=1-4 8) “You’re All,” for you James, is up at Fictionaut: http://www.fictionaut.com/stories/robert-vaughan/youre-all 9) Writer and Metazen editor extra-ordinaire, Christopher Allen, is interview by stellar Gay Degani at Flash Fiction Chronicles: Flash Fiction Chronicles 10) Thunderclap #8 is going to press, but you can submit your magical poetry for the upcoming April NaPoMo…a poem a day, (year #2). Send submissions to thunderclap.mag@gmail.com. Amanda Deo and I can’t wait to read them!!! That’s all this week. Hop off that hampster wheel. Hand glide. See you on the down low.]]>

11 thoughts on “Riding the HUMPster Wheel”

  1. Hump it up! That poem of yours is amazing. your poetry just keeps getting better and better! Thanks for sharing the links for this week.

  2. The review of Flash Fiction Fridays is really good. Len can write! Also, I liked all of the links- Wigleaf, Connotation Press, and your poem on Fictionaut was intense! Great stuff.

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