Back to the HUMP 2) Meg Tuite dazzles with her amazing craft at Metazen: 3) Alex Prutaneau transports us into a new world order at Necessary Fiction: 4) My poem, “Melt Away” is up at Fictionaut: 5) Len Kuntz, my AWP co-hort and pal, and writer extra-ordinaire, sums the recent Conference with swagger: 6) One of the very best online magazines out there, Blue Fifth Review. Winter Issue: 7) At The Rumpus, an Interview with Documentary Film-maker Cassie Jaye: 8) Because I’m in Milwaukee, I had to include this one from The Good Men Project: 9) The Go-Go’s made this song popular, but Fun Boy Three has an even better version, makes me ache for the 80s: 10) Three poems by Diana Salier in the latest kill-> author slayed me: Also, if you have not yet ordered your Flash Fiction Fridays anthology, what are you waiting for? Flash Fiction Fridays by Robert Vaughan in Literature & Fiction]]>

10 thoughts on “Back to the HUMP”

  1. What a sensual poem, Robert! Great work. Also thanks for all the other links that you provided. From Len’s blog it sounds like you had a great time at the Conference.

  2. I don’t know how you do it! Great blog, and I love the new book, too. Congratulations on your successes.

  3. What an eclectic mix of great reading, stories, your poem (which is really lovely), and FUN BOY THREE. Now there’s a band I have not thought about in ages. Literally.

  4. Robert, you are AMAZING!!! So LOVE your poem and I thank you for adding my story in the mix! What a way to keep us all up on what’s happening! Thanks for all you do!!! xo

    1. Meg, I adore you tons and tons. Your presence at Metazen lights up that entire zine. Keep writing these inspiring tomes, Meg. Rock on with your bad self! xoxo

  5. Thank you Robert for including my little story among such great events and people. Very grateful this subject is getting the attention it deserves…even in this country (hello Patriot Act!!).

    1. Alex, you are so welcome! I’m so happy it is getting the attention it deserves as well. Thus, the post. Plus, your great writing deserves it as well.

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