Hump it up Day 2) Could not make my heart sing more, guys and gals, nope! Bring some Joani into your life with Final Notes: 3) Two Serious Ladies, a new site lauched by Lauren Spohrer: 4) A moving Sunday essay “Wrinkles and Time” by Julia Goldberg at The Rumpus: 5) Sometimes there’s a piece I read and wish I’d written it. Here’s one: 6) Brad Listi, grand poobah at The Nervous Breakdown, does Adam Wilson for his podcast show, “Other People”: 7) Also, while at TNB, check out this amazing piece by Siri Zernand Muller: – comment-214613 8) Then, a bit of nostalgia, and some fun. My “Three Stooges” piece at Fictionaut: 9) Susan Tepper goes deep with Roberto Carlos Garcia in their Monday Chat: – comment-10449 10) This is one of those sites you just have to wonder, hmm? So fascinating! 11) A bonus post, just added this morning, by Blake Butler at VICE: The Top Ten Most Frequently Played Songs on Several Famous Authors’ iTunes | VICE Well, that’s about all for this HUMP DAY Blog! See you around town and don’t forget to order your very own copy of Flash Fiction Friday here. Please? Pretty please?]]>

10 thoughts on “Hump it up Day”

  1. Love The Stooges piece at Fictionaut, and all the rest of these links, Robert! What great work you do for all of us writers. Thanks.

  2. That Stooges story had me cracking up! Has it been scarfed up by someone for publication yet? You are so fast at churning these amazing pieces out and I marvel every single time.

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