January Floodgates are Open

WUWM: Lake Effect – Flash Fiction Friday: Media In fact, all of our shows are archived at the WUWM Lake Effect site. After we wrapped our December show, I was traveling abroad when I gave some serious thought to creating an anthology, devoted to these stories that decorated our show with such depth, and finesse. I wanted to create a book that would have all 34 stories that we’d aired. This would also be my first step into that wonderful world of publishing. And so, here it is: Flash Fiction Fridays by Robert Vaughan in Literature & Fiction Do me a favor and help spread the word, perhaps get copies for extended family and friends? That would be so appreciated. I do have two stories in Flash Fiction Fridays, the anthology. I also have work here: exquisite-quartet-anthology. The Exquisite Quartet is a monthly collective story that Meg Tuite starts, then asks three other writers to add on. It publishes online at Used Furniture Review, and Meg has created a stunning book, with all 13 stories included. And, I have an anonymous story here: Stripped: Nicole Monaghan, editor. This collection includes some of the best-known names in flash fiction, and the author identities are “stripped” from their stories- can you tell if a man or a woman wrote this or that story? The idea is so intriguing and I am having a blast reading these wonderful gems. I also have a poem called “Reckless/Abandon” at  Heavy Feather Review. This has 292 pages of some amazing writing! Thanks editors, Nathan and Jason! Here are some other places where you can read my latest work: “The Upswing of Falling” is at a semi-permanent spot on the Metazen page! I am really, really grateful for this one- you can see it on the far right side, underneath their “search & hit enter” spot. Thanks, Christopher and Frank!!! The poem, “My Bicycle” is up in the January issue of Yes, Poetry. Thanks editor, Joanna! “Scales” is published at Untoward Magazine. Thanks, Matt! “Implications” is up at red lightbulbs issue 6! Thanks, Russ and Meghan! “An Occupy Trifecta” and so many other writer’s amazing poems are up this month at ConnotationPress. Thanks, editors Joani and Caitlin for this honor! “Nine O Clock Tonight We Die,” a fiction noir piece, up at HOUSEFIRE. Thanks, Robert and Riley! “Feast” was up at Mad Swirl, and also featured in The Best of Mad Swirl’s Poetry Forum : 01.21.12. Thanks, MH Clay! And I have work forthcoming at The Lit Pub , an interview/exchange with writer, artist and soul-mate, Meg Tuite, who has just released a way cool chapbook: Disparate Pathos « Monkey Puzzle Press! Watch her: she’s on the move! Also, two of my stories in multi-talented Jennifer Tomaloff’s project IN THOSE DAYS WE. Also check out her newly released Volume III « bending light into verse. And forthcoming work at Art Faccia, Lost in Thought, Elimae, Blue Fifth Review, Santa Fe Literary Review, Short Fast & Deadly, and NAP. Meanwhile, roundtables have started up, heading into our 6th year at Redbird- Redoak Studio. RB-RO Writers to Read at Marathon « RedBird-RedOak Writing. I will be there with so many other talented poets, please come and help support this great local Milwaukee gem! And did you register for AWP- 2012 Conference yet? I can’t wait, it’s going to be a blast. Readings, parties, meetings, speakers…and more, more, more. Okay, that’s all for now! Stay warm, keep creating, and spread the love.]]>

20 thoughts on “January Floodgates are Open”

  1. Lovely, awesome, and Merry New Year! I look forward to checking out the NUMEROUS links/pieces you provided. 🙂 Do the damn thing! (I just read a book of “short stories” called Necessary Lies by Kerry Neville Bakken, published 2006. Wonderful writing, each story so different, and I was thinking of you the whole time.) x@

  2. Kudos! And more to come in the near future I’m sure! I know many aspiring writers look to you for encouragement and help and its nice to see that you can show them what perseverance and hard work can do. I’m very proud of you, that you took your dreams and made them happen! Nice work!

  3. Fantastic news about the Flash Fiction Fridays book, Robert! I can’t wait to read it. You have given so much time to other writers that you deserve nothing but success. Not to mention how great your own writing is! Congratulations!

  4. Bravo, my friend. Your career has been taking off ever since you started this blog, and it only continues to do so. Your hard work is paying off, and thanks for sharing the results with us. We are the lucky ones.

  5. Your writing always inspires me. I remember reading “My Bicycle” the first time at Fictionaut, and thinking how brave this writer is. You have an uncanny knack for saying the unsayable. This is your gift, and for that I am so grateful. Congratulations on all of your latest successes! I already ordered your radio show book.

  6. You are prolific! What a great start to this year. Floodgates, indeed. I love the covers of the Flash Fiction book. Congratulations!

  7. SO proud of you! This book is truly an amazing product of love and intellect. Not too mention the beautiful cover you painted! Congratulations on the first of what I’m sure will be many dazzling collections!

    1. This book would never have come together without the support of someone like you Andrea! You are one-of-a-kind, true blue, rare-Rah friends that gets who I AM! I love you!

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