Oh Canada

the other room. Thanks editor, Timothy Raymond. “No Soul” by Robert Vaughan is up at Feature Mag, thanks editor Patrick Trotti. WUWM: Lake Effect – Flash Fiction Friday: Celebrations aired in June with local authors Beth Huwiler and Nancy Bauer King and honoring the work of national author Sam Rasnake, sam of the ten thousand things. 10,000 Dollar Pyramid | Jeanette Cheezum’s cavalcadeofstars The lovely Jeanette showcases authors at her blog and my piece was there for the holiday week of July 4th. Thanks, Jeanette! As most of you know, I am a fiction editor for two magazines and both have produced our latest issues: Thunderclap! Magazine, Issue 6 Takes It’s Throne « Amanda Deo, editor in charge has done it again with a fantastic issue of fiction, poetry and art. Order now! jmww.summer.2011 Jen Michalski, editor in chief has amassed a wonderful summer issue, including my review of Frank Hinton’s chapbook, I Don’t Respect Female Expression! “Passers-by” is in Midwestern Gothic – ISSUE 2 (SUMMER 2011) ! Thanks editors Robert James Russell and Jeff Pfaller. This is a gorgeous new zine so order one and help support it! Yes, Poetry » Volume 2, Issue 7: July 2011 has my “No More I Love You’s” included. Thanks editor, Joanne Valente! Prayer, Protest, Peace | Flash Fiction Musings for The Literary Minded is up at Apocrypha & Abstractions. Thanks editor, Cheryl Anne Gardner! And, you know how I adore the writing community at Fictionaut. Here are my latest: “3 Short Shorts” by Robert Vaughan → Fictionaut “Temporary” by Robert Vaughan → Fictionaut “Whipped Cream” by Robert Vaughan → Fictionaut And last, but not least, I have finally hit the pages of Metazen | with “That’s The Way The Ball Bounces.” As many of you know, head editor Frank Hinton is Canadian. (Hearty thanks, Frank!)  And so, that brings me full circle. Thanks, everyone, for supporting my work. And happy reading!]]>

15 thoughts on “Oh Canada”

  1. So happy to see you reach more and more of your writing goals with such verve! I am also a fan of Canada!

  2. Your work often leaves me breathless! I have never been to Q.C. but have heard great things about it. Sounds like you had a great time.

  3. Hard work pays off, Robert! Keep at it, and I can’t wait to hold your first collection in my hands one fine day.

  4. Quebec City is a gorgeous place, I was there over a decade ago. Your writing is really taking off, but then, I am not surprised. Congrats!

  5. Congratulations on all of your latest publications, Robert. You continue to keep up such an amazing pace with your writing. It’s astounding how you are so successful, a true testament to your passion for the craft.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time in QC. And congrats on all of your latest successes in the writing world. They are all so lucky to have you.

  7. RV,
    Glad your QC trip went well. Stumbling upon an event, and free at that, well…that’s what makes travel so irresistible. Ditto to what Susan and Wallace said. You’ve got the prereqs for lasting success…killer talent + a relentless work ethic. The bonus is your generous & caring spirit. You inspire me. Consider this my rsvp for your (sooner-than-you-think) book launch party!

  8. I have been to Quebec for work and pleasure on several occasions and like it better every time. So nice to hear about your “spontaneous” art happenings. It would be nice if America was more geared up this way, I agree. Nice work with your short fiction and poetry. Thanks for the updated links to all your work.

  9. I think you are a masterful writer! Keep up the great work. And isn’t Canada an amazing country? We’re lucky to be neighbors.

  10. You have a work ethic that astounds me. Every time I turn around your writing appears in a new place, or a previous one! Congrats, no one deserves it more.

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