Monster Storm

“10,000 Dollar Pyramid” by Robert Vaughan → Fictionaut Within 24 hours, it had been read over 50 times, commented on more than any other piece I’ve ever posted there (I’ve posted ten prior) and shot up the list of Fictionaut’s “recommended” stories to #1! The top position of every story submitted. And a completely new experience for me. I am still reeling from the excitement. Perhaps this is why I was meant to stay home from D.C.? Thanks to everyone for the support, insightful comments, motivating feedback. I am forever grateful. Here are the links to some pieces of mine published in December, 2010 and January 2011. Please feel free to comment here or at the sites if you so desire: The Comet Train at Fix It Broken Robert Vaughan – Fix It Broken Two- Wheelin at Magnolia’s Press                                                                                    “Two-Wheeling,” Robert Vaughan | Magnolia’s Press Say Yes at IBAS-  Say Yes by Robert Vaughan « In Between Altered States Beckoning- Short, Fast & Deadly  Beckoning – Short, Fast, and Deadly Best of 2010 Anthology (print):  Short, Fast, and Deadly: Buy Print Editions Proposal at Steel Toe Review “Proposal” by Robert Vaughan | Steel Toe Review Bear Necessities at Indigo Rising Indigo Rising Magazine Clueless at 2010 December 11 | Last Exit From Liberty at Pure Slush Last Exit from Liberty – Pure Slush Blowing Bubbles at New Wave Vomit 162 One Night Out at Clutching at Straws One Night Out « Clutching at Straws And several stories at 52/250 (and check out the others if you have a few hours!) Robert Vaughan | 52|250 A Year of Flash I would be remiss if I failed to mention the fantastic support and feedback I receive from the Tuesday roundtable group at Redbird- Redoak. An amazing gift for any writer, to participate in an insightful, committed group. RedBird-RedOak Writing Also, we finally launched Flash Fiction Fridays at WUWM! Here is the link to listen to the January show where local authors Kim Suhr and Guy Yasko read their work: WUWM: Lake Effect – Flash Fiction Friday Returns! If you are interested and want to submit a story for consideration, please use this form and thanks to Stephanie Lecci for her support of this adventure: WUWM: Flash Fiction Friday If you are able to join us, please come hear a reading at Cafe Fixx in St. Francis: fixx-reading-poster.Feb_.11.jpg 1546×2000 pixels I won’t be reading, but will attend to hear those who are! Happy writing and reading! If you travel soon, be safe. Stay warm. Hugs all around.]]>

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  1. Robert, you are really hot these days despite all that snow. What a fantastic list of publications. And I totally get the elimae excitement. I’ve subbed four or five times with negative results. One thing it’s taught me is that one has to really study a zine to get it right. I love your pyramid piece–thought about the structure a lot after I read it. Three parts-math-triangles-pyramids-fingers as digits–all of in pitch perfect.

  2. Keeping up your great writing pace in 2011, Robert! Way to go. Sorry you missed your conference in D.C., but great news about that Elimae publication!
    And all of your others, you busy guy.
    I think your 10,000 Dollar Pyramid is a great work! Elimae is lucky to get it.

  3. My friend, Amber told me about your writing blog. Great site and nice work. Thanks for sharing the links here. Stay warm yourself.

  4. So thrilled it makes me to read your work and hear about your success. I LOVED the 10,000 $$$ Pyramid piece. Brilliant! Lots of your writing is made for a collection. Any plans in store for that this year? I hope so. Also, loved the radio show link. Thanks for that too.

  5. the storm of the century indeed! so proud of my best friend. this past year has been an incredible one!!!
    indeed! xoxoxoxoxo

  6. Such a great header photo, really depicts the eye of the storm. And what better way to settle in, than to read your fabulous work while I am sipping cocoa. Mmmm. Congratulations!

  7. If you come to D.C. again, we have to hang out! This conference is a blast and I wish you were here. I read your piece at Elimae and it is fantastic! They were lucky you sent it.

  8. Great work, congrats on your hard work and persistence paying off. As I am not a writer, I have not heard of Elimae, but I can take your word since you have published so frequently, that it is as top-tier as you say among online literary sites.
    What’s your goals for 2011? Book? Collection? Go for it.

  9. Way to go, keep flowing with your writing, Robert. I just read your piece, “Movie Night,” at 52/250. What a great collective. I wish I’d known about this before. Now I am off to Elimae and also to Fictionaut. Thanks for all of your links!

  10. Thanks for the update, Robert. Did you watch the Packers game? I’m not sure if you are a football fan, but I thought of you in Wisconsin when they won. SO I checked your blog and here is all your latest work. Nice synchronicity about that. Congratulations on your accomplishments. You deserve it.

  11. Great job, Robert! Keep on keepin on…your writing just seems to be flying! What’s next for you? I smell a collection.

  12. you’re definitely a blizzard of a kind, robert – congrats esp. on that elimae story. an excellent piece! someone up there “smelled a collection” – sounds about right. cheerio!

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  15. Excellent! Your site has a lot comment posts. How did you get so many readers to view your blog? I’m jealous! I’m still learning all about article writing on the web. I’m going to view pages on your site to get a better understanding how to get more visable. Thanks!

  16. Hi Robert, this is strange! This really is twice now i’ve landed on your own blog during the last two weeks trying to find totally unrelated things. Spooky or what? You must be everywhere on the net! Congrats!

  17. I admire that you are publishing so frequently and believe you’ve made some excellent points. Also, I’m keen on the layout of one’s site. I’ve bookmarked your blog and will return often!

  18. You are working like a dog to get your writing out! Congrats man. Good to see that you are having so much fun.

  19. Thanks for your challenge not to mention work! Your blog is terrific. On top of that I just love your links to your stories. For me these are definitely significant things. Anyhow appreciate it.

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