First Flurries

Rude | Eunoia Review “Quite a Life” at A Handful of Stones:a handful of stones: Quite a Life “Cadaver Chris” at Girls with Insurance: Cadaver Chris | GwI “Three Episodes” at BlazeVOX: “Time for Desert” at Thunderclap’s LOVE issue: (I also edited the remaining flash fiction for this issue!!!) “Winter” at The Camel Saloon: The Camel Saloon: Winter “Recruitment” at In Between Altered States: Recruitment by Robert Vaughan « In Between Altered States “”Moving Out” at InkPlots: “Rocky Raccoon” at Indigo Rising: Indigo Rising Magazine “Back Room Banter” at 52/250: Back Room Banter by Robert Vaughan | 52|250 A Year of Flash “Three Questions for Any Doctor” at 52/250: Three Questions for Any Doctor by Robert Vaughan | 52|250 A Year of Flash “The Visit” at 52/250: The Visit by Robert Vaughan | 52|250 A Year of Flash Also, 52/250 accepted my postcard art collaboration (with my best pal Andrea Falkenstein) for their “Postcard theme” which is published this week. Here is the link to the Two/Tree art project: Two/Tree by Andrea Falkenstein and Robert Vaughan | 52|250 A Year of Flash Thanks to the following editors for making my dreams happen: Ian, Fiona, Dawn, Geoffrey, Amanda, Ana, Russell, Aleathia, Tannen and Michael, Candace, Michelle, John and Walter!!! After a quick trip to Texas for the most immense wedding I will ever probably attend (in Corpus Christie) I returned to spend a day at The Calatrava Art Museum for the 2010 Young Authors Conference. I had eleven high schoolers in my group from various places around Milwaukee, and shared the responsibilities with Robin, a teacher with MPS. We discussed art, then wrote memoir style pieces and roundtabled them. Last night, I participated in a reading hosted by Next Chapter bookstore in Mequon: Next Chapter Bookshop | “Celebrating one year as your local, independent bookseller!” We were there for Judy Bridges book launch, Shut Up & Write! Other writers who read included Sheila Hanrahan, Sara Rattan and Laurel Landis. We had a great audience and if you have not purchased your copy of Judy’s book yet, they make great stocking stuffers! Check it out here: Judy Bridges | Shut Up & Write! | Redbird Studio | Writing Classes and Retreats | Milwaukee, Wisconsin Okay, time to get writing! How do you plan to spend your holidays?]]>