Biking in France

Shakespeare and Company Here is the latest short list of pieces of mine that were published since I last blogged: Motherhood at Short, Fast, and DeadlyMotherhood – Short, Fast, and Deadly A, B, C at A-MinorA, B, C « A-Minor British Faux Pas at A Handful of Stonesa handful of stones: British Faux Pas The Empty Nest at The Not: not from here, are you?: Robert Vaughan Guest Writes Also, while I was in Paris, the second installment of my WUWM Lake Effect interview about flash fiction aired. Here are the links for both Part 1 and Part 2: WUWM: Lake Effect – Flash Fiction Fridays Begin with Robert Vaughan WUWM: Lake Effect – Flash Fiction Friday! Returns: How to Get Published It looks as if I might be co-ordinating the Flash Fiction Fridays program at WUWM if it does, indeed, get off the ground. I love the idea of more writers sharing their short work, and we shall see after I have a chance to meet with the producers at Lake Effect. Thanks again, Stephanie, for your interview and vision. I will be leading a workshop produced by Redbird-Redoak called Flash in the Pan. Check it out, I’d love to have you participate.  The writing Roundtables are also listed at the same site. You can get more information about them here: “Flash in the Pan” with Robert Vaughan | RedBird-RedOak ~ A Unique Writing Community That about wraps this installment. A bluejay screeches. An acorn plunks onto the roof, rolling onto the patio. The leaves, ready to turn overnight, await their colorful destiny. A dog barks in the far off distance. A deer? And you? Where will you travel to…this autumn? In your dreams?]]>