Leo Birthdays, Trips, and Inspiration

The Cheapskate by Robert Vaughan « In Between Altered States “Adversity” at Danse Macabre: Azaad Poetry “True North” at Litsnack: TRUE NORTH by Robert Vaughan – LITSNACK “Pretzel Logic” and “True North” at MiCrow:  http://www.fullofcrow.com/images/microw3pdf.pdf “Rescue” at The Camel Saloon: The Camel Saloon: Rescue “Corporate Runner” at Girls with Insurance: Corporate Runner | GwI “Mountain Deep, River High” at Four and Twenty:  http://4and20poetry.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/4and20_v3i8.pdf I am still waiting for poems to appear in an August issue that were accepted at Heavy Bear Heavybear, and a story, “Liminal” to appear at The Lesser Flamingo  lesserflamingo – Home. And there are four or five other acceptances on the close horizon as I continue to write, revise, submit, and repeat! We have our last summer roundtables this week at Redbird- Redoak Studio. And as I was recently asked by founder of jmww magazine, Jen Michalski for a picture and bio, I can only assume that I will finally be added to their website as a full-fledged editor! I have been reading pieces for the magazine for roughly three months. I am teaching a workshop for Redbird- Redoak this fall. It’s called Flash in the Pan, a flash workshop for writers interested in what many are considering the fastest growing genre in writing. It will be October 30th at the Marian Center. For more details, visit the Redbird Redoak website. RedBird-RedOak ~ A Unique Writing Community. One of the poetry activities we shared with the kids this summer really got me thinking, so I wanted to share an edited version with you. Take a few moments, when you have time, to really ponder the following, and create a short written list for each question: Where do you feel happiest? Where do you feel most at home? Where would you come from if you weren’t born where you were? Now write a poem, informed from the above data. You can start it with “I Come From” or it could be a list poem, or an abstraction. Have fun! Throw open those windows and enjoy the rest of summer. Better yet, get outside whenever possible. Laugh at the sky.]]>