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2010 June 18 | Also, I had a racy piece taken by Sleep. Snort. Fuck. Thanks editors! SLEEP. SNORT. FUCK.: Starting Over The writing continues to fly…summer takes off…what are you up to? Any big trips on the horizon? How will your life benefit from your 2010 experiences? A few other random things I recommend: Christina Aguilera’s Bionic CD (get the European version if possible), Coco Chanel movie (sad and reverent), James L. White “The Salt Ecstasies” a poetry collection with a foreward by Mark Doty. And the New Yorker‘s issue (June 14 & 21) was dedicated to ’20 Under 40.’ Meaning twenty writers under forty years old. Nicole Krauss: “The Young Painters” : The New Yorker Then, as I am a dedicated user of Facebook, Dan Wickett, Exec. Dir. of Dzanc Books published an alternative list called 20 Writers to Watch: Facebook | Dan Wickett: 20 Writers to Watch – An Alternate List Hope you enjoy both! Peace, Love, Fly.]]>

18 thoughts on “New York Visit”

  1. well yes the workshop.. :”intense” Intense in examining my own issues with facilitators who are “less than” I know Joan Rivers would have ripped him a new one.. on the floor? why are there diamonds down there? close my eyes? why are you going to put my rent money in my pocket while I’m not looking? bake you a cake? so you can tell your model/escort lover about it? Bless his heart, I know Jesus loves him… yes all you say is true… thanks for taking careful notes… LYLT

  2. You were in NYC and I didn’t even know it? I wish we would have had time to hang out, but it sounds like you were really busy. It is nice to hear from time to time what you are up to, and I always enjoy reading your writing, fiction or otherwise. Thanks for posting again. Happy Pride.

  3. Nice to hear from you, Robert. I really like your poetry! This piece, “Still, the Clouds” is so lovely. Also, I enjoyed “Shades of Gray” that you had posted at the same site, Well done!

  4. Fantastic read…sounds like your trip had lots of magic included in it. I know how much you miss NY city and the environs now that you live in the Midwest. Loved your story at S.F.F. and also your poem at the other site. Congrats! You are really on a roll.

  5. So great to read our latest about New York, it takes me back to when I just to sit next to you in ZCD conferences laughing hysterically at our journal entries. Thanks for sharing so much of your life….incognito, alias, or other. love you.

  6. Hi Honey,
    Was so good to hear from you and about all your wonderful adventures. You’re amazing how you see the world and all you take and give to it.
    Hope they take your pieces also, how could they not????????????
    You’re too good, anybody that refuses is just jealous.
    Love you so,

  7. Oh cupcake…you are my cupcake AND the wind beneath my wings. So great to see you too! Miss and LOVE! xo A

  8. Robair…such a wonderful voice you have, even with these journal entries (I love your fiction already, as you know). Congrats on your latest publications…how many does this make? 30? Must be somewhere up around that. Great work, my friend.

  9. I admire your ability to capture so many wonderful moments about your recent trip to NYC. Also, I had no idea that you are a published writer- one of my pals, Helen, told me to check out your blog and I like it. So, keep up the great writing! Where else can I read your work?

  10. I liked this poem, “Still, the Clouds” a lot. Your narrative tone suggests so much more heartache than the words convey. Nice!

  11. I’m sad to know you were so close and I didn’t know it. I would have loved to have gotten together with you. Bo and I recently reconnected in the city and it was a joyous time.

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