11 thoughts on “On a Roll”

  1. Congratulations, Robert. You are getting all of the attention that your hard work deserves. Keep it up! Share your writing with the world.

  2. Great job with your writing Robert, keep up the wonderful news…I really enjoy reading your work, both the blog and your pieces at the journals like Tryst and 50 to 1. So glad to hear that your hard efforts are paying off.

  3. Great work, Robert. I especially enjoyed your story “Quinn.” Fantastic! Keep up the great work, and blog whenever you are able to. Heal that body!

  4. So sorry to hear about your back, Robert but I also feel like this is something you will conquer. Hang in there, try not to over-exert yourself. And your writing is soaring, as it ought to be. Hang on for the ride of your life. And thanks for letting us know where we can read it.

  5. Robert,
    You do sound like you are on a roll–good for you. Thanks also for letting us know where to find your work. Sending positive energy your way for that back to heal.

  6. Phwew! — the pain doesn’t stand a chance, dear Robert! All this positive energy toward something you love is bound to heal you with or without doctors, drugs or voodoo!:-)
    Congrats on all your successes — a perfect example of how hard work, generosity with others’ writing and a positive attitude pay off! Bravo… author! author!

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