What a Week

Waiting for Godot. This show, once voted as the most significant English language play of the 20th century, is subtitled as a “tragicomedy in two acts.” This sums up what this week has felt like. Of late, I’ve been plagued by an anonymous physical constraint. Beginning in my lower back, it’s now moved to a numbing feeling down my left side: buttocks, entire leg and foot. Subsequently, and with my physician’s advice, I have had muscle and nerve tests done, blood drawn, urine sampled, x-rays taken. While great for fresh writing material, visiting three different hospitals in one week is, to say the least, daunting. Throw an adverse reaction to a drug I’d never before taken into the mix. And still, I have no clue what this numbness is. Sciatica? Possibly. Disc drama? Who knows. Going through this has given me extraordinary insight into what difficulties other people must endure on their paths to wellness. Simultaneously, in the second act, there have been some wonderful moments in my writing life. I was able to hold my first Thunderclap! Press, first edition in my hands. Thanks to stellar editor, Amanda Deo and her amazing insight at gathering some exciting, talented writers for this edition. My piece is called “Tardy” and for more information, or to order a copy, go to this website: Thunderclap Press Also, my flash fiction piece called “The Service Remains” is published in the current issue at Short, Fast, and Deadly. When I saw that editor Joseph Quintela was assembling issue 23 entitled “Silence is a Knife” (The Political Issue) I knew I’d written a piece to submit. My fear with this flash is that it is highly controversial. I had to trust that I know the words that the father says in the piece are ‘mine’ as an author, but so not ‘mine’ as Robert. A slight caveat, but not an apology. And I admire Joseph for taking on controversial, and political writing. So many editors shy away from this; he embraces it. And his own writing is stunning as well. Short, Fast, and Deadly: Issue 23 (16 May 2010) Then, this afternoon, I was contacted by Richard, the editor at Postcard Shorts. He let me know that he has published two more of my submissions: “Organs” and “World’s Fair.” The last piece I had read in the Tuesday Roundtable writer’s group at Redbird- Redoak Studio, in which I’m a member. I had some insightful and profound feedback and revised before I sent it out for consideration. So thanks, Tuesday writers, and Jeannee our fearless leader. Postcard Shorts: Stories that fit on a postcard And there you have it! Activity which keeps me inspired, and more submissions to come. I am also negotiating to possibly become a guest editor at an online literary magazine, and selecting a piece of fiction to read at the Cafe Fixx event on June 3rd. Tomorrow, I will have a vegan lunch with some of my favorite writer friends. Life, although sometimes number than others, is overall good. Laughter is key, the most thorough medicine.]]>