Dance with a Stranger

Dance with a Stranger

The two ladies sat side by side, sipping their bloody mary’s. “Are you sure it was the same guy?” Nedra asked, chewing an ice cube. “Not 100% positive, but I think so.” Beverly del Toro was a casting director. She’d set up Nedra with one of the most popular actors from Beverly’s cadre of B list talent. “Wow, this drink is spicy. Too much horseradish. Making my nose run.” Nedra wiped it with her napkin. “Well, if it was him, that guy you set me up with, then I’m screwed.” The warm breezes blew, causing the overhead palms to flap. “Why?” Beverly swatted a fly away from her plate of leftover food. “Did you say something during dinner?” “Because…” Nedra looked around The Ivy, then leaned in closer to Beverly. “We had sex. You know, we did it, like, one night stand sort-of sex.” Nedra leaned back, the faint trace of a smile on her lips. “Old school.” Beverly nodded, took a long sip from her cocktail straw. She removed the celery, bit a sizable chunk, ensuring none of her Aveda lipstick came off. “You’d better get checked.” “You’re absolutely sure it was him?” Nedra repeated. “Girl, I told you. I am almost sure, about 99%, that he’s the same dude. And I’m no saint, but what were you thinking, screwing just anybody like that on the first date?” Beverly used her talon-like nail to remove a piece of celery from her molars. “You said you wanted someone to take you out for a nice dinner?” “I thought so too, but he was gorgeous.” Nedra blushed.  “One thing just led to another.  Girl, it’s been about a year since… ya know. I swear, I was drying up and all.” They laughed. Their waiter removed their plates. “You can say it’s none of my business, Nedra, but did you use protection?” Nedra paused, shook her head no.]]>

8 thoughts on “Dance with a Stranger”

  1. This piece is chock full of “issues” that leave the reader pondering once finished, and I hope it isn’t done here. I know there might be people making these choices, and I appreciate the chance to visit them. And while I am no prude, I just don’t live in the same zip code. However, the writing is engrossing and the characters, while I cannot relate, are fairly familiar from movies and TV shows. Not sure I connected enough with Nedra to be concerned about her self-neglect in the last reveal. If that is your intention, then you have accomplished that. If not, perhaps you might draw out their relationship as friends. Or maybe we might even go on her “date?” Just some other options to consider.

    1. Oh Dear, next conversation “Aids”? What can I say. I loved the real visual of celery from teeth with finger nail, how many of us haven’t? You’re amazing. Love, Mom

  2. Disturbing, provocative, real. That there are multiple conversations just like these going on worldly is scary to me. And yet, there they are.

  3. I like the title, an homage to that great movie in the 1980s with Miranda Richardson and Rupert Everett? This is great, feels like I’m eavesdropping on a conversation at any hip restaurant in any American city. You could get into the nitty gritty details that come at the end sooner? I was just getting hooked when it ended. But I do like that I get to decide what the consequences are of Nedra’s choices as well.

  4. leaving yet another story w/ an edge: Bravo!
    Okay, so who read this and found them associating w/one of the characters? In my case, both characters.
    An LA story for sure…….yes it makes me miss the silly permissiveness and sun-soaked adventure of the gold coast.

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